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  • We are Chennai’s best professional tattoo artists
  • In the Indian tattoo business there are no certifying bodies. So a pro is someone who has the technique and experience to consistently produce quality tattoos.
  • Masters of the art, from abroad, drilled us in proper tattooing technique. We then spent 2 years gaining the experience we needed to become professionals.body art tattoos  making it Chennai’s best professional tattoo studio.
  • We started body art for our community of tattoo-lovers.
  • In our profession, news travels best by word-of-mouth. While at body art tattoos, clients who appreciated our work told their friends and soon a community of tattoo aficionados evolved. We started  body art to do justice to this community
  • By cutting down on our overheads, we’ve been able to create the quality tattoos we’re known for, but at competitive prices.