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Tattooing requires mastery of important techniques. Unfortunately, quite often, people with no training and experience start offering tattoos. Not only does this result in poor quality body art, but it also causes a lot of unnecessary pain and skin damage. At Body Art Tattoo Studio, we have had the chance to approach tattooing the right way

We are professionally trained.

We have been trained by veterans with decades of experience. These experts are based in Thailand, which has a deep-rooted tattoo tradition and is the only country in the world where the tattoos are the focus of an annual religious celebration.
The training process involved learning proper tattooing technique and practising on pigskin long before attempting to tattoo a human.

We are certified.

While India has no norms or certification when it comes to body art, Thailand does.
Our teachers are legally recognized and licensed by the Thai government, qualifying them to teach and certify students. This, along with our 3 years running body art tattoos, is why we can call ourselves professionals.